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How to Find an Event at a Particular MONTH

  1. At the top of a page, find the link for dates and click on it.
  2. Scroll down the page to “Meetings Listed by Date” and find the desired year and month. If a month is not shown, there is no event listed beginning in that month.
  3. Clicking on the month’s name bring up a page listing events for that month.
  4. Either scroll down or click on “Jump directly to events” for the month.
  5. You will see a table showing the starting day, the sponsor, the name of the event and the location.
  6. If you click on the event, you will be brought to the description of the event. On the other hand, if you click on the sponsor’s name you will be brought to the same page but at the location showing a description of the sponsor. Scroll down to find information about the event.

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How to Find an Event at a Particular LOCATION

  1. Near the top of a page, find the link for cities and click on it.
  2. Soon the City Finder page will appear. Either scroll down or click on “Click here for Country Locator”.
  3. You will see a list of countries and of states in the United States of America. Click on one of the names.
  4. You will now see a list of cities within the state or country. Click on the state name to move to the Web page for that country or state; or click on a city name.
  5. Soon you will see a page for the selected state. Scroll down to find the various cities and events listed for them. If you clicked on a city name, you will already be at a listing for that city.
  6. The table shows the dates of an event, any Continuing Education credits available, the name of the event sponsor and the title of the event. Click on the sponsor for a description of the organization, or on the event for a description of the event. It is easy to move from one to the other once you are at the page for the sponsor.

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  1. Near the top of a page, find the link for organizations and click on it.
  2. You will soon see an alphabet. Click on the first letter in the organization’s name (ignore the "The" in names like "The ARC").
  3. You will soon see a long list of organization names. Scroll down and click on the desired name. Names may be slightly out of order alphabetically.
  4. Soon you will see a description of the organization in a new Web page. Any information we have has been included there.
  5. Below a description of the organization is a list of any future meetings planned. We have no information about any meetings not listed there.
  6. Click on a meeting to move to a description of it.
  7. Note that at the top of the Web page there is a list of all organizations described on that page and links to their meetings.

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How to REGISTER for a Meeting

  1. Find the listing for the meeting (see above for how to Find an Event).
  2. In the listing, find the contact information
  3. If an email address is shown, then clicking on it will cause many browsers to initiate an email transaction
  4. If no email is shown, try clicking on the Title of the meeting... this may call up the special website for the meeting, where there may be a registration form or instructions on how to register
  5. Note that our website here does not sponsor events or register attendees; please contact the event sponsor as suggested above

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