Meetings, Organizations
And General Resources
In Behavioral Healthcare
And Telehealth

Compiled by Myron Pulier, MD

Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Psychiatry
Rutgers—New Jersey Medical School

We are happy to include information about events of particular interest to mental health professionals and administrators and to people in the telehealth field.

I. Scope

Please continue to send notices with as much lead time as you can concerning future events or adding fresh information about events that we already post. Our formatting accommodates only certain detail and does not currently take information about a presenter's education, authorship, editorships, presentation experiences or committee leadership, but does take academic degrees and current appointments and management-level positions. Similarly, we do not post information about payment, intended audience or organizing committees and do not post logos or other graphics. We aim at an international audience that may have narrow bandwidth and limit our purview to meetings of interest to mental health professionals that can be attended without gross interruption of practice or teaching obligations (thus, no prolonged courses) and we only cover in-person events, not purely on-line meetings or trainings. Some day we will revise our resource to offer more-detailed material and a more comprehensive scope, but currently we try to make omitted information accessible via links to external sources.

II. Corrections

We hope you will find what we display to be accurate and acceptable. If we can do better, please let us know and we will try to improve our listing ASAP.

III. How to submit material

It is easiest for us to handle data in the form of a tagged list, but we'll work with whatever you can send. We can also extract material from Web pages if you email the URL. Please browse through some of the events that we post to get a feel for what we accommodate and how it looks.

If possible, please send email to containing a list more or less as follows (but please don't bother with information we already are posting or that is not relevant):

Your name:

Your email address:

Sponsoring organization:

URL of sponsor:

Email for sponsor:

Snail Mail address of sponsor:

Phone of sponsor:

Fax of sponsor:

Blurb about sponsor:

Event title:

Event subtitle:

City of event:

State or country:

Event start date:

Event end date:

Maximum CE obtainable (hours):

Disciplines approved for CE:

Submission deadline (if any):

Registration deadline (if any):

URL of specific event Web page:

Co-sponsoring organizations:

Event contact information (email,
   snail mail, phones):

Official Languages:

Event blurb:

List of topics:

Program (title of presentation followed by presenter--
and his or her academic appointments and affiliations--
with presentations separated by a blank line):

We do not list registration fees or descriptions of the event city. We try to make it convenient for a user to click on a hot spot that links directly to the event Web page, the contact person and the sponsor(s). If there are links available for the speakers (such as a brief biography or their personal Web home page) we will include those.


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