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Individual Organizations and their Meetings

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  Zambian Neuropsychiatric Association   


Zambian Neuropsychiatric Association
c/o Prof A Haworth, President
University of Zambia School of Medicine
PO Box 50110


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  Zenkaren, (National Federation of Families of the Mentally Ill in Japan)   


Zenkaren disbanded on 17 April 2007.

Established in 1965, Zenkaren (National Federation of Families of the Mentally Ill) was the oldest and largest stakeholders organization for families of people with mental illness and the only organization officially designated for promoting vocational rehabilitation for people with mental illnesses. It had over 130,000 members and covered 1,600 associations nationwide. It operated 800 psychosocial sheltered workshops throughout Japan, where stigma largely prevents employers from hiring a person who has been treated for mental illness.

Found to have misappropriated funds, Zenkaren was unable to meet its financial obligations and dissolved itself.

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  Zero to Three   

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Zero to Three
1255 23rd Street NW
Suite 350
Washington, DC 20037

202/638-0851 fax


Zero to Three, the national center for infants, toddlers and families, is the only national nonprofit multidisciplinary organization dedicated solely to improving the chances for healthy physical, cognitive, and social development. Zero to Three works to translate scientifically based knowledge of prevention and early intervention strategies into policy and practice at the community, state, and national levels through training programs, technical assistance, publications, and scientific seminars.

The official publication of Zero to Three is Zero to Three.

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  Zimbabwe Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Association   

(The link below is available for seeking more detail)

Zimbabwe Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Association
PO Box CH 832

+263/4/860 166
+263/4/704 487 fax

zarda (snail) (If pasting, please replace "(snail)" with "@" for email address... no spaces)

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  Zimbabwe College of Psychiatrists   

(The link below is available for e-mail)

Zimbabwe College of Psychiatrists
Department of Psychiatry
College of Health Sciences
University of Zimbabwe
PO Box A V 178
Avondale, Harare

+263/4/748752 fax

psyc (snail) (If pasting, please replace "(snail)" with "@" for email address... no spaces)


The Zimbabwe College of Psychiatrists holds fortnightly educational meetings for psychiatrists.

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  Zimbabwe Psychological Association [ZPA]   

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Zimbabwe Psychological Association
University of Zimbabwe Medical School
PO Box 167
Mount Pleasant, Harare

+263/4/303211 ext 454

e.mpofu (snail) (If pasting, please replace "(snail)" with "@" for email address... no spaces)


The Zimbabwe Psychological Association [ZPA] was founded in 1971 to encourage and advance psychology as a pure and applied science, to promote and maintain the standards and professional status of psychologists, to determine the qualifications of psychologists for professional purposes, and to advise legislative and statutory bodies in matters relating to the profession. 5800 Zimra Park Ruwa Harare, Zimbabwe Phone: 263 4 2935138 Fax: 263 4 2935138

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  Zur Institute   

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(The link below is available for more information)

Zur Institute
Sonoma Medical Plaza
181 Andrieux Street
Suite 212
Sonoma, CA 95476

707/935-3918 fax

drzur (snail) (When pasting, please replace "(snail)" with "@" for email address... no spaces)


The proprietary Zur Institute offers seminars and Continuing Education courses. Objectives:
  • Provide innovative and challenging continuing education for psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, counselors, nurses and other health care providers
  • Make available to psychotherapists and counselors cutting-edge resources on numerous aspects of mental health and psychotherapeutic interventions
  • Fight the abuses and harm done by managed care to consumers by denying them care, and to psychotherapists, who are often unreasonably and unjustly denied the opportunity to provide quality and much needed care
  • Help psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, marriage and family therapists and counselors build and market a fee-for-service and managed-care-free private practice.
  • Educate psychotherapists about the risks of and harm done by rigid risk management practices
  • Replace therapists' fear of boards, attorneys and lawsuits with clinical integrity and quality care.
  • Help health practitioners substitute rigid practices and dogmatic thinking with flexible approaches, humane practices and critical thinking
  • Encourage health care practitioners to focus on health and wellness, rather than on the DSM and pathology

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