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  NGO Committee on Mental Health   

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NGO Committee on Mental Health


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The NGO Committee on Mental Health is a member of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations [CONGO] in Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council [ECOSOC]. It was established in 1996. The primary mission of the Committee is the promotion of psychosocial well-being, the improvement of mental health care services, and advocacy and education in the prevention of mental illness. The Committee works with the United Nations and its specialized agencies to ensure the inclusion of mental health issues within a broader context of concerns such as vulnerable populations, human rights, poverty, violence the environment, peace and well-being.

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  Nigerian Psychological Association   


Nigerian Psychological Association
Department of Psychology
University of Jos

+234/73/56370 fax

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NIGHTINGALE is an essential project in the planning and implementation of strategy in Training the Nursing Profession in using and applying healthcare information systems.  

NIGHTINGALE will contribute towards the appropriate use of the developed Telematics infrastructure across Europe by educating and training in a harmonising way nurses across Europe in the upcoming field of Nursing Informatics. 

NIGHTINGALE will cooperate with all European actions and projects in the area of training health care professionals to provide consensus curriculum development in Nursing Informatics. The most essential part and contribution of this development will be provided by the Users' Group which will comprise of nursing professionals, nursing systems professionals and health policy makers in the area of nursing education represented from all European Union members states. The Users' Group will be the monitoring and dissemination body of the work performed, where workshops and conferences will be the major platform of the consensus process. 

NIGHTINGALE will develop courseware material based on the curriculum development process using multimedia technologies. Computer based training software packages in Nursing Informatics will be the basis of the training material and the corresponding courses. CD-ROM based training and reference material will be also provided in the courses whereas the traditional booklets, teaching material and the textbooks can play an adequate role in training. 

NIGHTINGALE will disseminate all information and courseware material freely to all interested parties through the publications of the proceedings of the Conferences, through the establishment of the World Wide Web Server in Nursing Informatics for Europe, which will become a depository of Nursing Information knowledge across Europe as well as a dissemination node of Nursing Informatics throughout the European members states for the benefit and welfare of the European citizen. 

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  Nirata Centre for Awareness   

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