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List of Organizations from COUT- to CREAZ-

Individual Organizations and their Meetings

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  CPC Health   


CPC Health
The Center
Chestnut Lodge Hospital
Rockville, MD

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4915 St. Elmo Avenue
Suite 401
Bethesda, MD 20814

301/657-1296 fax

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The Computer-based Patient Record Institute [CPRI] merged with Healthcare Open Systems and Trials [HOST] in year 2000 to form CPRI-HOST. The goals of the consolidated organization are to:
  • Eliminate barriers to adoption of health care information systems
  • Recognize exemplary implementations
  • Support consumer health records
  • Support standards, including terminology
  • Secure and administer research grants

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  Cranfield College of Aeronautics   

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  Creative Educational Concepts   

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Creative Educational Concepts
16 Dennis Drive
Lexington, KY 40503

859-276-6118 fax


Creative Educational Concepts, Inc was formed in 2000 to expand educational opportunities for pharmacists and physicians nationwide.

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  Creative Energy Options   


Creative Energy Options
Spring House Village Professional Building
909 Sumneytown Pike, Suite 105
Spring House, PA 19477


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  Creative Partnerships for Prevention   

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Creative Partnerships for Prevention provides information and resources on the use of the arts and humanities to enhance drug and violence prevention programming.

The goal of this national initiative is to provide current information, ideas, and resources on how to use the arts and humanities to enhance drug and violence prevention programming, foster resiliency in youth, and implement collaborations within communities to strengthen prevention programs for youth. The materials developed for this initiative have been designed with the guidance of educators, prevention specialists, youth workers, and professionals from cultural institutions (arts and humanities organizations, museums, libraries, etc.).

The website contains valuable resource guides.

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  Creative Therapeutics   

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Creative Therapeutics



Creative Therapeutics is the commercial entity that represents Richard A Gardner, MD. The Creative Therapeutics catalog contains material on such diverse subjects as learning disabilities, divorce and custody issues, assessing child sex-abuse accusations, engaging resistant children in psychotherapy, and reworkings of children's traditional fairytales.

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  Creativity Consortium   


Creativity Consortium
c/o Brain Space
116 Galley Ave
Toronto, Ontario M6R 1H1


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