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List of Organizations from CHILDRB- to CHILDRSGZ-

Individual Organizations and their Meetings

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  Children's Array of Psychiatric Programs [CHARPP]   

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Children's Array of Psychiatric Programs
4455 NE Highway 20
Corvallis, OR 97330

541/758-5968 fax


Founded in 1992, the Children's Array of Psychiatric Programs [CHARPP] is an association of nationally accredited residential, , day treatment, foster care and outpatient programs serving children, adolescents and their families in Oregon. CHARPP was formerly known as Child & Adolescent Residential Psychiatric Programs. CHARPP's mission is promoting quality and accountability through shared best practices.

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  Children's Center for Child Protection   


Children's Center for Child Protection
Children's Hospital
3020 Children's Way MC5016
San Diego, CA 92123


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  Children's Center for Developmental Psychiatry   


The Children's Center for Developmental Psychiatry
6675 - 13th Avenue N
Suite 2-A
St. Petersburg, FL 33710-5483

813/345-8808 fax

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  Children's Center for Telemedicine and New Information Tecdhnologies   

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Children's Center for Telemedicine
Sadovaja-Kudrinskaya st., 11
Moscow, 123242


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The Children's Center for Telemedicine is a non-commercial organization established by the leading medical centers of Moscow in co-operation with the Central Scientific Research Institute for the Shipbuilding Industry to implement modern methods of medical consulting and diagnostic assistance, development of new technologies of digital representation, processing and storage of medical information, and use of computer equipment for training students of medical schools and universities.

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  Children's Defense Fund [CDF]   


Children's Defense Fund
Olivia Golden, Director
Darryl Johnston, Deputy Director, Policy and Program Coordination
122 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005



CDF is a private, nonprofit advocacy organization. It provides information on issues affecting children and monitors federal and state policies. CDF assists and supports state and local child advocates, organizations, and public officials and pursues an annual legislative agenda.

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