Meetings, Organizations
And General Resources
In Behavioral Healthcare
And Telehealth

Compiled by Myron Pulier, MD

Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Psychiatry
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

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Ample resources for discovery of professional-level mental health meetings have developed over the decades since I began publishing the PSYMEET pages. It is more than a full-time task now to find the data, verify it and then format it for convenient access.

Working on PSYMEET has brought personal opportunities and much learning. I encourage taking on similar projects, but sharing work with a team that draws on varied kinds of expertise to produce novel benefits for users. Funding from a foundation or from commercialization would afford greater availability of resources and technologies, strong promotion to a larger audience and hopefully higher quality. As it is, or was, being able to meet a need was very satisfying. I'm grateful for the encouragement and feedback people provided.

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